Was Corbyn’s Blue Remembrance Day Jacket Offensive?

The leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, was criticised by a well-known blogger and journalist on Twitter for his choice of clothing at the 2018 Remembrance Day ceremony.

The political party leader, who attended the National Service of Remembrance on Sunday together with other politicians and royals and laid a wreath at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, wore a navy blue anorak instead of a traditional, black coat.

Sali Hughes, beauty columnist for The Guardian and The Pool, went on Twitter on the same day to express her disapproval of the coat, saying the choice to wear navy blue as opposed to black was a “arrogant, wilful, stupid disrespect” and that he had a duty, as a leader of a political party, to adhere to the dress code.

“Everyone wears black to remembrance unless in uniform. This is a basic fact known by everyone,” she added in a reply to another Tweet related to the issue. Hughes, a Labour supporter, argued that his choice of clothing was most likely intentional.

While some Twitter users had the same opinion as Hughes, many people commented on the journalist’s post to disagree with her view, saying that criticising Corbyn’s choice of attire is simply pointless and irrelevant.

Do you agree with Sali Hughes’ opinion or do you think the act of attending the Remembrance Sunday ceremony is more important than the colour of a coat? Leave a comment down below and let us know what your views on this topic are!


The Top 3 Kingston Cafes You Should Know About

Winter is coming, and as the temperature drops, the desire to warm up with a cup of coffee grows stronger. With so many cafes around, it’s hard to figure out what cuppa is worth your cash.

Here at Loudly, we know the importance of a good cup of coffee (we’re definitely self-proclaimed experts with how much we drink it every day), so we’ve scouted Kingston to find the best cafes to get your daily dose of caffeine.

  1. Fortunella Café (pictured)

Opened four years ago by Goran Brnovic, this hidden gem located in the heart of Kingston is the place to start your day with a good brew, or relax after a long day at work. From the friendly staff that will greet you with a smile, the warm ambiance, table service and the delicious food and beverages, Fortunella is definitely a place you won’t want to miss! There’s a reason they won the Highly Commended for Best Marketing Campaign award at the Kingston Business Excellence Awards.

“I wanted to prove to myself that somebody not from this country is able to bring a solid business In Kingston and I wanted to leave my mark here, and this makes me very proud,” said Brnovic.

Don’t forget to try one of the freshly-made salads or, for those with a sweet tooth, indulge in a piece of cake that compliments your cup of coffee.

2. Wags and Tales

What’s better than sipping on a delicious coffee brew? Spending time with your dog, of course!

At Wags and Tales, you don’t have to worry about leaving your four-legged friend at home—they’re just as welcome as any human customer! With friendly and helpful staff, good food (with gluten free and vegan options as well), excellent coffee and a special menu for dogs, this is definitely the spot to choose for a good brew!

3. Pickled Pantry

Although the quirky name initially makes you think of gherkins, we can assure you there’s no pickles in the coffee! This dainty café minutes away from Surbiton train station offers not a varied menu, with breakfast, brunch and lunch options. Besides their delicious coffee, they also offer a great, relaxing atmosphere where you’ll feel right at home!

“I think that what makes this cafe unique is that we support local businesses in Kingston and as a result, I think our local following, we’ve got quite loyal customers because we support the community,” said Laura Yearwood, owner of Pickled Pantry who took over the previous owners in July this year.

Have we missed your favourite Kingston-area cafe? Where do you think is the best place to unwind with a cuppa after classes? Let us know in the comments!

London Celebrates Great Women of Colour at Charity Event

The UK charity Black Heroes Foundation shone a spotlight on the lives and achievements of women of colour in a charity event on 30 October.

The London’s Greatest Women of Colour event highlighted those women who had a significant impact on black culture. Ground-breakers, such as Connie Mark, Claudia Jones and Mary Seacole, were lauded and applauded for their achievements.

Guests from around the world—including the High Commissioner of Jamaica—enjoyed an evening filled with traditional soul food, live music from artists like reggae artist Lloyd Brown, and diverse talks about London’s black women.

The event was organised to raise funds in order to bring back the Black Heroes in the Hall of Fame inspired show at the Hackney Empire Theatre in October 2019.

“This show was about celebrating our history and actually talking about and giving people information about our great historians, scientists, about our great entertainers and sportsmen,” said Joyce Fraser, founder of the Black Heroes Foundation.

The Black Heroes show, created in 1987 as a community project, became very popular and was even taken abroad to Jamaica and United States, where it won many awards including the Spirit of Detroit.

“It went into the penitentiary in Chicago and the in-mates cried because they didn’t know their history,” added Fraser.

The BHF was created in the memory of Peter Randolph Fraser, known as “Flip Fraser,” who was the creator of the Black Heroes in the Hall of Fame show. Fraser was also the first editor of The Voice, the only British national black weekly newspaper still operating in the United Kingdom.

The charity’s main focus is to develop awareness regarding black culture, as well as provide cultural and artistic initiatives in the community.

BHF is encouraging anyone who is interested in learning more about significant people of colour and black culture to contact them or attend one of their Soul Food Cafe events, which take place on the last Thursday of every month at Leilani Restaurant & Ashanti Restaurant in London.

5 Spooky and Fun Reusable Halloween Costumes

Ah, Halloween–the perfect time of the year to let that weird and spooky side out!

Unfortunately,  it’s not always easy for students to break the bank for their favourite costume – especially one that you’re only going to wear once a year. Is the only way to enjoy Halloween to pull £50 out of your already-crying wallet? Or is there a secret way to enjoy the holiday for less?

Lucky for you, we’ve got just the trick to get your money’s worth! Here are five of our all-time favourite spook-tastic Halloween costumes that are versatile enough to be worn all year.

1. Wednesday Addams

If there’s one family that’s got the Halloween spirit down, it’s the Addams family. So why not channel your inner goth and dress up as the dark child, Wednesday Addams? This costume is simple, comfortable and easy to put together. All you need is a black dress with a white collar, some black stockings and some black shoes. Plus, you can always wear these pieces separately all throughout the year!

2. Mime

Want to make a statement with your Halloween look? Then the mime costume is definitely for you. Just grab a striped shirt, some simple black pants with suspenders and a hat (or beret if you’re feeling French) et voilà! You’ve got yourself a costume that even Marcel Marceau would be proud of. If you really want to go over the top, add some face paint or make-up to the mix and you’ll be sure to dazzle. Don’t forget to practice your moves before you go out!

3. Arthur from cartoon series Arthur

If you ask 90s kids what cartoons they used to watch, Arthur would definitely be at the top. This Halloween, take a trip down memory lane by dressing up as Arthur himself! Not only will you make life easier – as you probably already have a yellow jumper, some jeans and a white shirt in your wardrobe – but it will surely bring smiles to your friends’ faces when they see your outfit!

4. Shaggy from Scooby Doo

Ah, another classic–who hasn’t watched Scooby Doo at least once in their lives? If your childhood self always dreamt of hunting supernatural creatures in the Mystery Machine, Halloween is your chance to live that fantasy! Grab a green T-shirt and some baggy brown pants (you can skip the dog this time, we’ll understand) and you’re ready to catch some monsters as Shaggy! Bonus points if you manage to bake your own Scooby Snacks.

5. Scarecrow

For those of you who want a classic Halloween look, we’ve got the perfect look for you: a scarecrow. It’s simple! All you need for this is a pair of overalls, a checked flannel shirt and a big straw hat and you’re ready to party! Don’t forget to add a bit of make-up to make it look more realistic.

What’s your big 2018 Halloween look? Let us know in the comments, and have a safe and spooky Halloween!