Supporting Survivors: #ThisIsNotConsent

Last week in Ireland, a thong used as evidence in a rape case started a social media movement against victim blaming.

In response to this case, the Irish Twitter account “I Believe Her”, a page created in March 2018 in support of survivors of sexual violence in Ireland, started a social media movement.

To support the 17-year-old girl, they asked their followers to post a picture of their thongs (or other underwear) coupled with the hashtag #ThisIsNotConsent.

The hashtag is taking over Instagram and Twitter. Women from all over the world are posting photos of their underwear to protest what happened in the trial. Meanwhile, real life protests are happening all over Ireland. Let’s just hope this changes something.

A man in Ireland got away with rape just because the girl was wearing a lace thong. Apparently, we live in a world where wearing nice underwear means you’re “asking for it”.

Kingston students, please show your support for #ThisIsNotConsent. Post your photos under the hashtag on Twitter and tag us at @LoudlyMagazine so we can share it. While it might just be underwear, it can ultimately change someone’s life. We cannot stay silent.


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