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Meet Mayuren Naidoo, the Kingston University student breaking boundaries in his career as a filmmaker.

If you had told Mayuren Naidoo about nine years ago that he’d become a skilled budding filmmaker, he probably wouldn’t have believed a word. After all, he was still chasing the comic book writer dream at that time. And yet, here he is, with his brand new short film, Vent, that made its way onto Amazon Prime in November 2018, and half a dozen more projects under his belt. When when you see that he’s achieved all that within four years, all while completing his studies, it’s safe to say he’s a true force to be reckoned with.

Up until now, the filmmaker’s journey has not been a walk in the park; on the contrary, it was full of confusion at the beginning, as he didn’t quite know what he wanted to do (just like any other teenager). Only when he was 16 did he suddenly stumble upon becoming a screenwriter, inspired by many films seen on his weekly visits to the cinema.

“I wrote a lot of screenplays since 2012, and I really wanted those to be made into films, but it was very hard to sell them,” Mayuren says.


“I remember sending a script to a big company after meeting one of the producers there. They didn’t like it, which was quite disappointing, but it was that rejection that made me realise I could just make all the films myself,” he adds.

And so he did. Inspired by a real life experience of finding a wallet while Christmas shopping, he made his first short film, Dirty Money, in 2014, with the help of his friends, a professional camera and his talent.

BTS Pic 1
Behind the scenes shot of Mayuren working on set for one of his films (copyright: Mayuren Naidoo)

“I felt really proud at that time once the film was finished,” says Mayuren. “I did want to prove to people I could do it, but I also wanted to prove to myself I was capable of making my own films. Plus, I wanted to build my portfolio, so it was a great experience.”

That was just the beginning for Mayuren’s career as a film director and producer. Within two years, what initially started as a single short film steadily turned into a six-film collection called Life, Death and the Culmination. This was all proof of his determination and ambition to succeed, as well as the evolution of his filmmaking skills.

But the true highlight of his career happened in 2016, when his story of two students—one struggling with hallucinations, while the other looking for the person who injured his mother —turned from words on paper to an actual feature film, Midnight Sonder. The movie, which was entirely shot in the UK with a budget of only £1000, was released on Amazon Prime in the UK, the USA, Germany and Japan. Additionally, it won the Best Produced Screenplay award at the Creation International Film Festival in Canada, and the Bronze award at the Fameus International Film Festival in the USA.

Today we see Mayuren more confident than ever, and very proud of what he considers to be his biggest achievement yet: his latest short film, Vent, which premiered in November 2018 at the Blakes Hotel in London. The movie follows the story of Rose and Parker, a couple forced to live inside their flat as a result of a global, widespread radiation leak which happened three years ago. Fed up with the mundane conditions they are living in, Rose decides to take matters in her own hands and go outside, despite her controlling boyfriend’s attempts to stop her.

“I think this is my favourite film out of the ones I made because we had better resources. We had a much bigger crew, it was way more organised and I really knew what I was doing, compared to the other times, when I just made some films with my friends. It was more professional than the previous ones,”he says.

Mayuren Naidoo at the premiere of his movie, Vent

By now, you’re probably wondering: what’s the secret to his success? If you’re hoping for a carefully planned step-by-step tutorial, forget about it; that’s not his style. He’s more of a go-with-the-flow type of guy, even when dealing with challenges, such as actors dropping out from his projects. He doesn’t let anything to chance though; he firmly believes that it’s important to practice your skills and get out and do something, no matter how small the project is.

“I’d tell other film students to create as much as they can and build your portfolio,” says Mayuren. “Even if it’s done on a phone camera and not professional equipment, just do it, eventually it will be noticed. As for advice in general, stay positive, stay active and do what you like.”


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KU Speaks Loudly About Periods

We all know that periods effect 50% of the world. And yet, it’s still a taboo, hush-hush topic.

A few months back, we dove into the specific issues and iconography behind depictions of menstruation in TV, ads, films, video games, and learned about The Bloody Truth Behind Menstruation. 

This time round, we’re asking Kingston Uni students to Be Heard about their thoughts and experiences with menstruation, and really delving into how periods in the media make them feel. Give it a watch here!





Meet Your New Favourite Workout–Pole Dancing.

Just a short ride away from Kingston’s Penrhyn Road campus is what could be the city’s newest fitness hotspot. Every week, dancers from all walks of life gather at The Pole Studio in Surbiton with the common goal of getting in shape, looking good and having a great time.

Located above a chip shop on Portsmouth Road, the dance studio is unassuming and cosy. Dancers leave their shoes by the door, hurry up the carpeted stairs, and are greeted with silver practice poles dotted around the small—yet comfortable—space.

While pole fitness used to be a taboo sport, in recent years it has gained popularity among both men and women. A combination of strength training, conditioning and acrobatics, this is a workout that encourages cardiovascular health while simultaneously working the arms, legs and core muscles.

The result is a full-body workout that anyone can do, either in a group setting or 1-on-1 with an instructor.

It was this all-in-one workout that helped draw 31-year-old Siobhan Parish to The Pole Studio. Lessons are held once a week and run for approximately one hour—long enough to work up a sweat, but not long enough to exhaust participants.

As a working mother, this 60-minute pole fitness model offers her both a convenient workout and an opportunity to de-stress from the workweek.

“You can see yourself develop, unlike at the gym, and you get better in a number of ways,” Parish said. “(Pole) makes me feel stronger—I like the way after, a few weeks, quite a few weeks, things start to get a bit tighter and it just makes me feel good.”

Jaime Rangeley, an instructor at the Surbiton location, has been practicing both dance and pole for years. An expat from California, she found pole fitness to be a helpful way to meet people when she moved to England, and has continued dancing ever since.

“Everybody’s super nice and welcoming, and (pole fitness is) just a really great way to make friends,” Rangeley said.

At The Pole Studio, Rangeley has taught dancers of all sizes, ages and genders, and feels that the environment that pole fitness creates is a more wholesome one than can be found at the average gym—a sentiment that Parish supports, having just finished her first set of beginner classes.

“Everyone I’ve ever had teach me or I’ve practiced with have been very lovely people,” Parish said.

For potential dancers who are afraid to take the leap into pole fitness, Rangeley encourages them to take a one-off class or sign up for a beginner’s course.

“You’ll see that as you get to know everybody, nobody cares when you start to wear the shorter shorts and stuff like that, you feel totally comfortable,” Rangeley said. “You’re never forced to wear anything you don’t want to or to do anything you’re uncomfortable with, and you’ll find that you’ll actually have a laugh, and the workout is like an added bonus.”

The Pole Studio has locations across London and Surrey, with lessons for all levels of fitness—they even offer yoga classes, for the less adventurous among us. Prices start at £10 a class, with the beginner courses running for six weeks.

To find the perfect class for you, check out their main website for times, locations and individual pricing.

Hanx Talks: A Happy Vagina

A few months ago, we introduced Hanx condoms to you. Now it’s time to meet the team.

When they aren’t busy making classy-looking condoms that every woman should carry in their purse, they’re creating a safe space for women (or anybody!) to talk about all things that come with having a vagina. One of the many ways they are doing this is by putting up fun and informative events such as A Happy Vagina, where they teamed up with Flo Tampons for an evening of pizza, prosecco, and a talk on how to keep your vagina happy.

We spoke to Emma from Hanx about the company, future events, and vaginas (of course). Check out the video down below and let us know what you think!

Zero waste living for students: dream or possibility?

By now, everyone knows about the climate change issues that our planet is dealing with. And while some people choose to ignore the signs, there are others trying hard to protect the environment and reduce the threats to Mother Nature. From reducing the amount of water and energy used in our households for general living, to becoming vegan, everyone has their own method, and one in particular is starting to pick up: zero waste living.

We’ve all seen the bloggers who praise this lifestyle and show off their tiny amount of trash made in a year or more in a cute Mason jar. Buzzfeed even has videos on how to make zero waste meals. It’s an appealing idealistic way of living for anyone who cares about the environment. But is this lifestyle suitable for a student?

At a first glance, not so much. The number of farmers markets and zero waste shops where you can buy products in bulk using your own packaging, is relatively small compared to regular stores, even in London. In addition to that, it might seem cheaper to buy pre-packaged produce and items than the more eco-friendly alternative.

However, Ilmira Murni, a student at the University College London, claims the zero waste student life is easier than we think.

“I would argue that it is cheaper! There are a lot of eateries and cafes that offer discounts when you bring your own cups/Tupperware,” she says. “I also do not participate in fast fashion and only buy clothes second hand when I absolutely need to. I save a lot of money caring for the environment.”

A zero waste lifestyle advocate herself, she decided to follow this way in order to join the fight against wasting resources and trying to protect the environment.

While she does agree that it is easier to follow this lifestyle in London than in other areas—as it is easier to find zero waste free shops around the capital— she strongly believes that every student is capable of living like this without any major difficulties.

“It doesn’t take more than just shopping at different places, or supporting local farmers more. There is very little you need to invest into financial when you adopt this lifestyle, just use what you already have,” she says.

“Think about what you throw away everyday and swap that out for a reusable option. That’s the easiest way to start and probably where you will make most impact. If you drink coffee everyday, thats 300 cups at least a year going to landfill. So identify high impact changes first: menstrual options, bottles and coffee cups, cutlery and others,” Ilmira adds.

Would you ever try living zero waste? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


Loudly Magazine Issue No. 1: Out Now!

Hello, Loudly readers!

We’re pleased to announce that our first printed edition of Loudly is available across Kingston University’s campuses and select dormitories, starting today!

Be sure to pick up your free copy of the magazine and share it with your friends. Read through it and let us know what your favourite article is!

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